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Rajesh followed along with the group, half-expecting Peeves to try and make an escape. But the poltergeist was staying along, floating around in his usual playful behavior. It was certainly annoying and he would have preferred not to have to deal with him, but then he’d also prefer not to have his special talent just like everyone else. So if it had to include a few more dealings of suffering he supposed he would deal with it.

Gold cauldron filled with water on high heat.

He didn’t have the cauldron, but Professor Hernandez was able to take care of that requirement from his supply of potions equipment. “I can certainly fill it up with water,” Raj called out, claiming that responsibility as he moved near said cauldron. The sixth year hadn’t needed to touch the rim of the golden surface, just be near enough before the water started to fill the vessel. It was a relief to actually be able to use it for good. He just needed to be extra careful and not overdue it.
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