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Originally Posted by Freyr View Post

Luther did not expect to find a connection to home when he decided to attend Hogwarts. This revelation left a bittersweet familiarity in its wake as Luther said "It's really a small world, isn't it? If you have ever the chance to visit Sweden in the summer, I would love to meet you and your family."

The Hufflepuff's suggestion caused a mixed wave of happiness and embarrassment to wash over Luther. 'He wants to work with me! I should not impose though.' thought Luther as his usually pale face was adorned with a slight colour due to excitement. Then he said as Leo's etiquette training kicked in "I would love to work on maybe a blues rock piece. What do you think? However, I would not want to impose."

Jude nodded. You bet it is! I mean, its cool and all but sometimes it still leaves me in awe that we meet others who know the same people as us, despite the distances. Jude hoped to reconnect with the people he once knew and to meet new people on his trips to all the countries in the future. It was perfect being the social butterfly that he was. I would like that too! And maybe you can also show us around. Based on what Ive heard about Sweden, it sounds like THE place to be for outdoor activities. Jude knew that Keighley was invited there by Charlie but Connor and Addison Anders had determined that Keigh was too young to go there on her own.

Impose?? Pffft. What was that? Jude was thrilled to share any knowledge he could with anyone who wanted it. He and his three siblings had actually discussed opening a school when they were much older and had decided to retire from their respective performing arts careers. You wont be imposing, Luther, the older boy replied quite firmly. Ahh, blues rock! A great choice! Can you believe that genre's been around since the 1960s?
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