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Desiree couldn’t wait for today’s activity! Ever since she saw the notice on the Hufflepuff noticeboard, she was intrigued by the idea of VR flying, so much so that she practically skipped down the path to the practice pitch. It just occurred to her that this was the first time she’d skipped anywhere since Peeves’s teddy rat curse happened!

“Hi, Professor!” She greeted with a smile and an enthusiastic wave that resembled her old self. She stared intently at the goggles on the table beside Escalante. Ooh, did those work like muggle VR helmets, or did they run on magic? Probably magic, but which spells did it use? “Those are cool! How do they work?”

While she awaited an answer to her question, she stepped away from the table to stand with the other students. “Hi,” she greeted, waving to Aria and Luther in turn. Then she saw Aria’s purple sequined gloves. Oh, how very princessy! “I like your gloves!”
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