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Default Hey Evan and Jude!

Ruby strutted down the path and to the Whomping Willow. Curiosity and boredom pushing her forward. Her winter cloak peaked out from under a knitted purple cloak that had some green square buttons fastening it in the front. She looked like an eggplant with legs.

It was her first time visiting such a tree since starting here at Hogwarts. Her older relatives warned her to not get to close. Her mouth hung open as she took in the sight. From the Castle, it looked much smaller. She noticed others resting at a distance. A pair of older year boys. She cocked her head to the side and gave it a thought. She wondered if they knew something about this tree. She was always poking into others business and collecting information about people and things. Her family nicknamed her 'Nebby Ruby'. But how else is a girl to learn about life without asking questions and stuff?

Being the bold girl she was she made her way towards them. Her smile showed all her teeth and the aura of a Politician seeking Election wafted from her. As she approached closer she starting waving. "Hi Guys! I'm Ruby, have you ever heard of anyone getting whacked by this thing?"
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