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Evan HAD met himself, which was what fueled his belief he would not be particularly popular. It wasn't something that bothered him though. Everyone had their strengths and weaknesses. And whenever his siblings... had kids, then he'd probably just slip into the silent roll of the not so fun but responsible and secretly protective Uncle. And let his sisters and his brother be the fun family members. He laughed at the accusation, nodding a bit in agreement. "You might have a point." Even with upset stomach and all, he still had at least one a day. He was clear a glutton for punishment.

Or just a glutton.

Everyone always said 'you are your own worst critic', but what Evan believed more than that that didn't get said... was your own brain was the largest hypocrite. Things that people did that one might not even blink at, could be such a source of pain and unrest of yourself. Weird how that happened, wasn't it? He was just glad though that pointing it out seemed to have worked at least for Jude, and he smiled a bit at the Hufflepuff being so... Hufflepuff and still having to slip in he wasn't a bother. He rolled his eyes playfully. "I know you don't think so." He couldn't help but respond. "I'm just glad I could help make you feel a little better."

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