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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

Daniel would have dozed off if not for the sudden incantations around him. As he jolted awake, he dropped his arm, which landed with a thud on his desk and his gaze was drawn to the students practicing and then to the blackboard with a symbol drawn on it.

The Hufflepuff flipped through the pages of his charms textbook until he reached an empty page and jotted down the wand movement before glancing around to see what the others were up to. He was already familiar with the cheering charm, but he figured it wouldn't hurt to practice it again. Practice makes perfect. Or so he heard. He looked at his notebook and drew a cartoon smile in the air with his wand. But there was definitely room for improvement, so Daniel sat up a little straighter before attempting again. "Professor Mancini? Will this charm be included in the OWL exam?" he questioned casually, wand still tracing in the air as he looked at her briefly with tired but curious-looking eyes.
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