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SPOILER!!: Evan! <3
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post

Were kids all cute? Evan hadn't ever really thought that much on it, figuring kids wouldn't generally like him anyways. Kids, babies in particularly, seemed drawn to big personalities - or at least big expressions. That wasn't him, so he generally left the fawning in circumstances where applicable to his sisters or older brother. Jude's thoughtfulness for snacks for the animal version of him was very appreciated, as even the mention of things not being good for him had him wincing slightly. He hadn't wanted to worry anyone so he tried to be pretty discreet about his trips to the hospital wing for something for the constant dull pain in his abdomen. "All the sweets probably aren't very good for my stomach either when you think about it." His stash was looking rather large without the constant raiding he usually did.

"i wouldn't say you're being stupid by feeling something." And Jude's concern that he could be was what was most worrying to Evan, his own brow furrowed a bit. "And you don't need to apologize. For as many times as I've leaned on you, it's okay to need to talk sometimes too about things that are bothering you." And why in the world would he think he'd be annoying if he did so? "Did I annoy you when I talked?" It wasn't a real question, not something that he was concerned about because he knew Jude hadn't been annoyed. He was merely pointing out that it would be the same for him. Not an annoyance.


Kids would not like Evan? Excuse me but has Evan really met himself? Anyone who did not like him was so silly. Big, colorful personality or not, Jude thought the world of Evan and so he couldn’t see any reason why someone else wouldn’t like his best friend. See? Jude was right in being concerned for Evan and his stomach. “Nah, I think anything negative about sweets, you’re immune to them. Your body probably doesn't know
how to function without sweets.”
There was a slight chuckle from him.

Jude DID feel like he was being stupid and that he needed to apologise for that along with everything else he had put Evan and their friendship through. Gosh, he was on the verge of having a proper full-on meltdown. For some reason, he got hooked on Evan’s words about him leaning on Jude. Is was just possible that was a part of the reason he felt stupid; Jude was accustomed to being leant on and not the other way around in this friendship. It felt that he was bothering Evan even though when the roles were reversed, it hadn’t been the case. Funny how one’s mind plays tricks. The sixth year knew there wasn’t a need to answer the question but he did so anyway: “As if you can ever be a bother.” There was a soft sigh from him. “I understand what you’re saying though and honestly, I feel a bit better talking to you about it.” Jude smiled. “So thank you.”
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