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Default Charms Lesson: Cheering Charm

It was a semi warm morning for mid-March as you make your way to the third floor for another charms lesson this term. And as for your professor? She's greeting you with blowing bubbles from her wand when you enter because clearly she's 6 not 60-something

"Good morning, take a seat... we'll begin shortly" She stated calmly.

ooc: HI!! I completely forgot to post an announcement up forewarning this!! BUT welcome to the charms lesson this term!! We'll begin in about 24-26 hours from now. ALSO, even though this is the first lesson ooc, it's not your first IC lesson. Any questions, don't hesitate to VM or PM me Lesson has started. Catchup posts welcome, but no late arrivals unless you wish for consequences :3

Lesson Progression
Q1: What do you know about the cheering charm?
Mini Activity: Incantation and Wand movement independent practice
Main Activity: Practice with a partner
Concluding Questions: Root of Gaudeo? what uses for the cheering charm? Negative connotations?
Wrap-up/Class Dismissed