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Default Max (the librarian is on duty!)

Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Luckily for Max, there wasn’t much students in the library. Trying not to listen in, Max was on a mission to find a book about a sprcific subject. Potions specifically Felix Felicis. He walked down the many rows of books carefully browsing the titles. Did he think it was morally wrong? Not exactly. It depended on your will and intent behind it. Say you were trying to help a friend prove their inoscence in an argument? Maybe a bit of luck would help?
Tapio was back in the staff area wiping the last bit of dirt off his hands when he heard the tiny magical 'ding' from the spell that alerted him when someone new entered the library. He was still a little out of breath from hurrying up to the library from the greenhouses--my, he was certainly getting a lot of exercise this semester!

As he entered the front desk area, he glanced around and at first only saw a few students who seemed deep in conversation with each other, but in no need of help. Tapio did not believe in the old fashioned methods of librarianship that forbid any talk in the library, so he did not concern himself with them further. But back in the stacks, he thought he heard the sound of footsteps walking up and down--surely the sound of someone searching for something. Walking along the ends of the aisles, he finally saw a young Slytherin student and walked down to where he was looking.

"Finding everything you need? or could I help you with something?" Tapio asked in his best attempt at an indoor voice.
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