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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Chelliebeaaan! I'm here to make my first request in your thread It's not Anders related {sorry} but it is Hawthorne related {I think you and Rosemary love him?} :3
  • Name? Alicat!
  • What do you want? Signature!
  • Size? 450 x 150
  • Images?
    SPOILER!!: Click! Model is Edward Norton

  • Text? Lucas Riley Hawthorne, Quidditch Division Manager
  • Anything specific? I'll let you have fun with this.
  • Character info? Lucas is veryyy devoted to his wife, Tallie, and his nephew, Brody. He adores Quidditch and being Quidditch Division Manager. He can speak four languages fluently, works well under pressure and enjoys a good time with his co-workers.

Thankies, friend
Please, I love all your brain people. I'm very glad to have gotten to work with one for Lucas!! :3 Blue is associated with loyalty and trust and that's two components we see very strongly in Mr. Hawthorne. I'm not sure if Lucas has a favorite color and if he does and you want something different, please just let me know!

SPOILER!!: Pick Up

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
I'm back as promised with a few of your favorites! Haha! xD

Name? Ally!
What do you want? Signatures
Size? Average SS size with room for size 1 text
Images? Their FCs are Jonah Marais, Taylor Hatala and Sky Katz
Text? Shade Coeur , Harli Coeur, Mac Coeur (or you can do whatever you want haha have fun with it you know them all and how they are xD)
Anything specific? Nope
Character info? Do you need info? LOL
asdhdsjfls I'm very looking forward to working on the Coeur family!! Though you are very brave to give creative freedom when I have a Kimberly Amstern in my head

Thank you for your request! I'll get working on these soon

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