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Jude need not worry, Evan had only glanced over to make sure his friend was okay when he'd realized how much of his time his cousins had been monopolize. Understandable, given the event and the fact Chinhae had asked them all to attend him, but he'd still tried to be conscious of it so Jude wouldn't get bored. Not that it was easy to be particularly bored around his family, or Mycelia's he'd soon found. Wynter. He'd had to think for a moment which one that was, before giving a small nod. "Her kids did seem pretty cute." He was hesitant to say much more about them though. Evan was... not much of a baby person. Younger kids, sure, but babies he had no idea what to do with. He snorted softly at the request to stay human, giving a small shrug. "I will if I can." Oh how nice it would be if he was able to control that. "You have a jumper. My alpaca side is not very discerning regarding food." One of his own school robes could attest to that.

It was quiet for a moment while it seemed like Jude was deciding how much he wanted to say; if anything. And Evan respected the silence for as long as it was needed, giving him ample time to decide what he wanted to say. The admission was... a surprise, because Evan hadn't expected him to be concerned about that. Evan had other friends, certainly, but outside of perhaps Ash and summers playing soccer with Blake, Jude was the only one who got a large portion of his time. But... that would change, just for the next year until they were both graduated. He paused while considering how to answer, before turning to look at the Hufflepuff. "Our friendship has already survived a lot of different hurdles. You're my best friend, and while there are always room for other friends in both of our lives, that doesn't mean it's ever going to change my regard for you. I'll miss you next year. But we'll keep in touch. And even if we both are spending time with different people, our friendship will also last and stay important." Wasn't that a lesson that Jude himself had taught Evan only a few years prior?

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