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SPOILER!!: babies
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Yaaas, another dump of pretties! And you're almost done, Ern!

Immediately sticking out to me is Potted Plant! I just adore the colours. Also adoring earmuffs, raspberry and cold
One last dump for you and that's me DONE. Whew. <3<3 I'm glad you liked this last batch, and hopefully you find a fave in the last three.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post


Orchideous is gorgeous. I really like the detailing and thin lines on your inking and that flower is just so pretty and UGH the use of negative how the color does not all quite reach the lines and creates highlights in just the right places.

The ~infinity rings~ with your 'raspberry' prompt are so nice and I really enjoy the texture you added with your ink work. It's just really fun and playful.

'earmuffs' is fun and those colors are so nice and the brush strokes give me a feeling of the knitting itself. I'd but some yarn that looks like that, for SURE.

I'm glad you like the orchid/orchid-like flower. The splashy doodles (tm) are fun because they're not meant to be realistic in shading or perspective, but I also get in my own head about them not having correct shading and perspective... you know? Anyway.

I like those raspberry rings (although if I had even a BIT of patience, I would have waited for them to dry and gotten those lines a bit closer) and the earmuff colors ARE some of my faves even still.

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Oh my gosh you have so much stuff in here since the last time I commented. And you're almost done with just three more! I continue to enjoy all of the palettes that include grey especially. What is it about grey that is just so lovely and works so well with other colors? I really like the doodly concentric circles in Patience and I especially like the flower in Orchideous. The colors in Raspberry are so delicious! I mean, they are really vibrant but remind me of something really good to eat. Have you ever had the Dove bars that are raspberry sherbet and covered in chocolate? So, so good.. makes me think of that. All of your colors are really vibrant though. I enjoy your watercolors so much.
Hey-lo! I AM ALMOST DONE. I did include gray in some of these final ones, although I promise you that they aren't all straight off the palette Payne's Grey. There's a purple gray and a blue gray...

that raspberry one now DEFINITELY makes me think of an ice cream treat, now that you mention it. I'm so glad you like the watercolors and that I kept you entertained this month <3

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Look! I came back! and I'm here to say all the things about all the things~

your parchment prompt is wicked mesmerising, I really do like that effect with the blendy-then-splattery colours, and there's just a certain something about the line art too *-* (also kudos on mixing colours to get the one you wanted (or close to it). colour mixing/matching is so hard.

you disappear piece is so... perfect honestly, and I love the thinking that got you there, and the gradient is and I am highkey in love with the palette for sherbet lemon as well. and now i want sherbe(r)t lemons. or to run amok in a sweet shop.

that birb is RED. like a supercharged flamingo. and you know how I said one of your art pieces looks like biology? I'm getting geology vibes from scarlet. on to potted plant and I feel like I should let you know that I kept misreading blond wood as blood wound. so. the flowers are beeeautiful, that's such a nice effect, where it's not overly defined and is (I think) all paint, no ink. I love.

so also I think one of my fave things about your cold prompt is that for your palette as well as the cold blue you brought in the ~warmer~ colour from the sky, but that all together and especially in the doodle it's still coooold. (also biology again). I do enjoy those colour clouds, and I also love that part on the left side with the deep blue *licks it*

raspberry is very fun, so much energy in those colourful little shapes and patterns. and you know I always love your plant/flower paintings (which is still so strange to me bc I am generally not about that plant life but it's different when it's aRT). and and and finally (for now) (because I will return) I am all sparkly eyes over the earmuffs palette, the boldness and the contrast, the whole thing is very aesthetically pleasing. I love looking at what you can do with watercolours.

you're on the home stretch
Felix with the novel, THANK GOODNESS. I'm actually not great at color matching, but I'm working on it. The lighting doesn't help on these, because my camera phone sort of washes everything out, so it's hard to tell (for you and for me both) how close I"m getting, but I think you can get the idea enough that it's been a good time for all.

I think it's interesting that a 'cold' palette needs warmth and a warm palette needs cooler tones to make it work. You need highlights and lowlights, vibrant shades and subtle. It's kind of interesting how that works out, yes yes.

Here's my last stretch, OKAY?

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
I LOVE the sherbet lemon one. UGH. The best. My favorite colors all together.

also, you absolutely NAILED the disappear prompt... whoa.

the copper color in the tea one and ALL the colors in the loyalty.... no notes. Perfect.
You WOULD love the sherbet lemon, you candy baby. I really like the colors in 'tea' and 'loyalty' too, actually. I'm not surprised that blue and orangey shades look nice together, but the colors in loyalty are a very pleasant surprise for me.

<3 Please send notes.

Day 28 - Avis

SPOILER!!: Inspiration Image

I love this little round bird. I love his bright belly and his indigo coloring and his ATTITUDE in this picture. Maybe the colors don't speak to all birds for you, but for THIS LITTLE JERK, absolutely. I love him. I have no regrets.
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