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SPOILER!!: An unexpected deep question
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So Jude really was going to have to put his foot down and send Luther to see Mancini if this glowing continued. Was it just him or did that one in particular go exceedingly bright? Squinting slightly, the older boy bobbed his head a bit. “You should! They’re really, really good!” And he wasn’t only saying that because Koen was his brother. “They’re always touring, I can tell you that. Koen was away from home a lot because of that. I can check with him and get you some tour dates if you like.”

Jude tinkered with the keys of the piano, absently still playing the song. “Not any with lyrics,’’ he admitted. “My older sister and my boyfriend act in plays over holiday breaks, and last year I wrote an instumental piece for one of those plays.” He eyed Luther then grinned. “Have you been lurking in my mind? Because I’ve been toying with the idea to get into music writing a bit more.” Jude honestly would have been flattered to know of Luther’s hero crush; it wasn’t something he would have expected from anyone but his younger sister. “What about you though? Are you planning on pursuing anything music related?”

"Oh that would be awesome. If they come to Sweden during their tour, that would be even better. Have you ever joined them during the summer?" asked Luther eagerly.

As Luther listened to Jude talking about his work, he wondered 'I hope I can do that too one day.' and said mischievously "You never know" the continued "Would you mind playing something you wrote? I have always wanted to write something as, you know, a soundtrack for my life. But currently, I am nowhere near the skill required for doing that but hopefully... maybe... one day."

Jude's last question was something he asked himself more than once. Yet, he never got an answer. So he gave Jude the answer he always used for distracting himself "I... I don't think so. I will definitely do something about researching magic. Starrivers have been magical researchers for centuries. Maybe I will research something about magical music?" with a distracted chuckle.
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