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Sorting Hat
(Group 18.1)

1st year - Hogwarts

”Yoon, Daniel”

He took a step towards the stool in the center of the Great Hall, his heart racing as he sat and the Sorting Hat was placed on his head.

His older brother had told him about the Houses, and based on the information he had gathered, he was certain he'd be in Ravenclaw. He wanted to be in Ravenclaw.

”Another Yoon!” Daniel jumped when he heard the voice. ”I sorted your brother a short while ago”

“Yes, I know. Now sort me into Ravenclaw” Daniel demanded and the Hat chuckled.

”I see you're as impatient as your brother. Let's see what we've got going on in your little head."

Time passed. He had to wait longer than he would have liked. He was aware that the entire school was staring at him because the Hat couldn't decide where to sort him. His ears turned red in embarrassment as he imagined himself being the center of attention when the Hat shouted.

“You, my boy, belong in HUFFLEPUFF!”

“YES! ---WAIT, WHAT?!” he was ushered out of the stool before he could argue with the Hat that it made an OBVIOUS mistake.
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