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chimaera #9
sibling harmony

[ click for full size ]

When 'Hufflepuff' and 'teamwork' were pulled from my generator, I was having a déjà vu moment and felt inspired by the 'teamwork' piece MJ had done in her thread. However, cauldron gave me a curveball to work with and my first concept came with Candela receiving tutoring from one of her Slytherin favorites - Niko von Brandt. However, she has already had her representation and so I needed to change course again. Again I felt inspired by MJ and her drawing of Karleigh while working on a potions assignment with my Benjee Marchbanks but there was going to be a bit too much ~mental gymnastics~ involved for my liking to make Hufflepuff fit when I could use another of my Hufflepuff characters. Which is what led me to looking at Becky Rasting. Try as I might, squeezing the final two chimaera onto the two pace spread I had completed thus far was going to feel way too messy. So with these final two I am pushing myself to make full page chibis (I somehow struggle with proportions and balance when I expand beyond one fourth of the page).

A natural pairing with Becky was none other than her brother and self proclaimed potions and alchemy genius, Eiji Rasting. Eiji never did enjoy going out of his way to help others unless there was something to be gained for himself, but his little sister was always the exception to that rule. Not academically inclined, Eiji would tutor Becky rather intensely while they were at Hogwarts together. He rarely would get frustrated with her no matter how many times he had to repeat himself or particular concepts to Becky and that is how we landed on a potions brewing scene.

With them being in their uniforms, there already felt like there was SO much grey and I went with a copper cauldron (apparently self heating because flames and me were just NOT happening today) to give the whole piece more dimension and be less...grey and black I really like how the sleeves of Becky's shirt turned out in particular...which is one of the only bits of this drawing where I added no color at all minus the line art

This was another one where I put the color down first after lightening my sketch with my stretchy eraser and THEN the line art and I have got to say that I am officially a huge fan of this order and cannot imagine why I had not been doing things this way all along.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Paige is so ADORABLE it makes me want to lay down in the road for a while. SO STINKING CUTE.
No roads. But vast dewy fields of lavender or some other flora will be accepted also

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Another cutie! The other day I was looking at an archived lesson and came across Paige. Man, she was funny because she caused some sort of mishap during the activity part Loving this piece!
She was quite accident prone with her clumsiness Now I got to go back and stalk because no memory is immediately popping to mind. Thank you, Alicia

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
it's paaaaaige ;; hufflehealer!! also I am once again marvelling at your blending capabilities. even though I love paige in general and in art form with my whole heart I am especially captivating by the detailing in the plant. I really enjoy how much personality you get into these pieces of your characters ugh. so many feelings.
Absolutely love that her and Toby ended up in the same field

I actually sat out on my balcony with my own plants and tried to capture their coloring, which was really relaxing and had me pulling out pens I rarely used before. Such pretty blooms.

how dare you make me more emo?


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