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Geeze. Did she really think so lowly of him? He wasn't nearly half as bad as she was making him out to be. In fact he wasn't even close to it. If she gave him a quarter of a chance she would realize that. Despite the fact that he didn't always go into great detail with all of his replies to questions, he was a really decent guy. Believe it or not Reagan, no he didn't annoy everyone else. It seemed like it was only really her. Maybe she just didn't understand him all that well. Or was it that big age gap between them that made things so problematic for them?

She was welcome to study him all she wanted, she'd see nothing but honesty tonight. There was no lying on his part. Every word that had come out of his mouth had been the truth. Christopher nodded. "You're welcome. When that day comes and there's no doubt in my mind that it will, let me know and I'll be there." He meant that. What made him say this to her, he wasn't sure when he wasn't really a fan of plays and things but.. for some reason if she was the star of them, well he wanted to cheer her on. There was nothing wrong with cheering for a friends younger sibling. Plus, Cassie was likely to drag him along to the plays anyhow.
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