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SPOILER!!: replies
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Asdgjfdol Just popping in to say I love all the things you've made and are displayed here, but those Bernie graphics are absolutely my favorite!! Beautiful Natalie!!! You are so dang talented!!

THANK YOU SM!!!!!!!!

It means so much to me that you left such a kind comment! I really do love the Bernie graphics too. Thanks again!

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Hiii, little Fox Finally here for a request! :3

What flavour do you want? ★ Refreshing Raspberry Jam {1 siggie, 1 PP}
Sizes ★ Siggie: 450 x 150 pixels; PP: SS Standard
SPOILER!!: Model's name is Anushka Sharma and she's about the same age as my charrie, in case you need this info ^_^

Text ★ Anita Sandhu, Proprietress of Posh & Sassy Fashion Studio {just on the siggie, please}
Anything else?
★ Do you have any colour preferences?: Nope.
★ Is there a particular vibe you want these graphics to have?: Happy, carefree.
★ Describe your character (or characters and their situation) in three words: Creative, fun, sassy

Thanks, my love!

Thank you for the request! It's next in the queue!

Refreshing Raspberry Jam ★ for oh its Erik ok!
★ Credit natekka or silver linings
★ Leave a comment when you collect your order
★ Upload them to your own image account before using

SPOILER!!: your order
Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
HI NATALIE. i like the name for the shop!

What flavour do you want? ★ REFRESHING RASPBERRY JAM
Sizes ★ just standard or just 450 x 156 if their is a siggy
Images ★ anything from here works or just whatever pics of Diana Silvers you like. I TRUST U
Text ★ Amabel Bracken
Anything else? (optional but could help me make your graphics better)

Describe her in three words.

Judgmental, Overthinking, Film Snob
Hey there! I made a couple of options (plus an extra signature) for you. The first ones, hopefully, have Amabel's vibe. The extra siggy is a bit more go-with-the-images and I'm not sure it gives off judgement-overthinking-film snob vibes BUT I like it and so I had to include it.

Let me know if you need any changes and I hope you visit again soon!



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