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SPOILER!!: Jude the Cool Hufflepuff
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Most people blushed when they received compliments. Therefore, Luther doing so came as no surprise. Jude simply grinned again, thinking that the Gryffindor would go far with an attitude and dedication like the one he already had towards practice. A lot of hard work was involved when it came to music - and any sort of performing arts, to be honest.

“That sounds exhausting,’’ the older boy responded, making a face. “Imagine when you’re supposed to be focusing on a test but keep thinking about your hands.” THAT sounded like a recipe for failure at the test. Here’s to hoping that playing a bit of rock music would help Luther to think of other things. And so Jude began to play a soft version of the very first song from The Kings and Serpents that he had learnt. The melody was the same but without the heavier stuff like guitar riffs and drum solos. It was sort of like his version of ‘Pop goes rock’. Jude glanced over at Luther, trying to get a read of his thoughts.

Luther thought about what Jude said. While thinking about how he could keep the glowing hidden, he nodded distractedly "I don't know how it will be. Maybe it will pass soon. I... I don't know. Also, if I could keep the glow dimmed as possible, I kind of... like it, you know. Yes, it is distracting but it is also kind of... cool. Does it make sense?" His tone implied he was still unsure about this recent so-called 'token of appreciation'.

Then came the soft notes of the song Jude chose. As the notes washed over Luther, he thought about those acoustic rock pieces he had heard. Unconsciously, his feet started softly tapping to the rhythm. He could feel the soft tone of the piano soothing him. After a while, he asked "That's awesome. What is it called? One of your brother's band's songs, right? The Kings and Serpents, was it?"
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