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This one came together almost instantly and almost for too obvious of reasons...and I felt intimidated because I can draw a cute chibi ... but a little sultry chibi, well, this was a first But if you have ever met the one and only Darius Enzo "Medysius" Lacroix...then you know there is just no compromising his aesthetic and vibe.

'Half moon' was the first to appear from the draw and that came with the obvious parallel to Darius because...well...he is a werewolf - so literally any reference to the moon was going to give me that imagery. The 'half moon' also draws parallels to Darius' upbringing in that he was abandoned by his birth parents after being bitten and discovered by and subsequently taken in by a colony of centaurs living in La ForÍt d'Iraty. Centaurs have a deep appreciation and relationship with the moon and stars and astronomy in general. My second pull from the hat was 'Dark Arts' and that basically solidified the werewolf imagery. There is also a nod to his general aesthetic being 'rugged Dark faerie' according to some. The final one was 'pensieve' and rather than the actual magical item found in Dumbledore's office, the inspiration rolled into Darius' general persona and how curious (in every sense of the word) a being he is.

My white gel pens came in a clutch again with this piece and again with fabric. I really like the effect it had on the cut outs on the jeans as well as the bits of jeans being tugged over the cut outs (those lines were rather nerve-wracking to draw because I was afraid that the pen would jam or something and the line would be RUINED). I used three or four colors for his luxurious hair and I desperately need to get a refill for my black marker because the lines were ROUGH. That is supposed to be a crescent moon behind him (I like the shape better than a half moon and shhh) with a subtle glow around it buuuuuut...not too sure that came out all that nice

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Ahh it's Candela! I knew it was her right away, mostly from her hair which you did an amazing job on. I'm especially impressed with the sheer fabric that you captured so well. The gel pen highlights really help to make it look sheer I think, but you got such a nice translucency in the colors too. Love this and the journey you took with the prompts!
Thank you, MJ I was so anxious putting down those highlights but they felt necessary. Really glad I did it because without them it was really hard to see the details or accept that there was a sheer fabric. It was looking really muddy there because of all the blending required for the fabric and then also with her hair.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Whoa, the sheer fabric is knocking my socks right off! That turned out so amazing! I knew who this was when I saw her as well, and I love reading about how the whole thing came together for you. But the hair! The fabric! Everything! This is one of my favorites so far!
I really feel like I got lucky with how perfect the particular green pen worked out. So far...all my '[color here] grey' markers have worked the best with this sheer look. I think this one is one of my favorites just brings me so much joy to look at.

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