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Default She's really not that mean! :)
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Originally Posted by jinnyweasley View Post
Leon Kim walked up to the counter to order a drink. He had just applied for a job at the Ministry of Magic and was a little anxious, which was unusual for him. He tried to forget about it by focusing on the menu. “Vampire Venom…?” He muttered to himself, wondering what that could be.
A groan similar to the type that one might hear from a ghoul echoed off the glassware behind the bar. It was promptly followed by a clatter as a case of butterbeer was dumped on the counter. ”Firewhiskey and pomegranate juice with a smakerale of gillywater for a,” Riley made a snicking sound as her lips smacked together. ”Kick. Care for one?” She reached for a glass that looked as if it might have sat on the shelf for a month. She held it up to the light and made a face that highlighted her wrinkles. The glass was then deposited into the wash tub behind the bar as she reached for another glass. ”So?” she asked, putting the much cleaner glass down on the bar in front of the young man. ”I haven’t got all day. These butterbeer won’t put themselves away.” There wasn’t a coolness to her tone, just a matter-of-fact I’m rather busy sort of air about her and as if she was trying to prove she wasn’t so brash, she gave the young man a smile… that might not have done much to help her case.
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