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SPOILER!!: hi frens
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
I blink and suddenly there is SO much pretty to look at and respond to

Accio - I quite like the soft Winnie the Pooh aesthetic and Accio as a spell feels very fitting for that silly ol' bear. That really vibrant cherry red is so pretty.

Dragon - love love love loooove how those flowers came out and the little flicks of paint. It looks so effortless and I'll take ten greeting cards with this image, please and thank you. (For real, where is the etsy shop?!)

Occlumency - I adore how your brain works and conceptually this is so so nice and these colors are so calming - which you probably do need a calm mind to hone this skill properly so, TADA.

Confundo - okay...but...I LOVE your inkings on this one and I feel like I'm looking at a highly stylized world map and I love it. I'll take ten of these too

Lonely - that Prussian blue really is pretty! Also, I see like...a sad little magical creature there on the left...with spikey hair and little sad eyes and a big ol' round nose

Tea - oh gosh the COLORS on this one. The way they blend together for your blob/orbs is so pretty and I (AGAIN) adore your inklings. The soft multiple lines for the circles are so gentle and the placement of those ~random~ dots has such beautiful balance. You have such a mastery of using space

Brave - I'll take 30 of these, yes. I LOVE this one so much and your inspiration and reflection to make it gosh...I just love everything in this thread so much
I waited a while to post this time just for you. Also because I was busy, but let's say it was for you. I'm glad you stopped by, though, and thank you for all the commentary. I especially like that you enjoyed the Winnie the Pooh Accio one, since I wasn't too sure about that one.

You keep ordering duplicates of the SAME THING, rather than 10 or 30 or whatever of different things. You should order DIFFERENT things. But I"m on to you now, and I see what you like the most is the loose florals. I'll have to keep that in mind when I send you 10 of the same thing.

PS: I now see the sad little creature with the big nose too.

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Now THIS is a color palette I would wear - and DO wear all the time lmao. Love me a good Payne's Grey. And these colors just work so, so well together. Totally get the self reflection here.
I knew that if ANYONE was friends with Payne's Grey already, it would be you. I love pink and gray, especially this nice soft rose color. I don't look particularly healthy in pink, so I don't wear these much, but I like how they look together.

Day 16 - Loyalty

SPOILER!!: Inspiration Image

Loyalty is a hard concept to come up with an image or picture for. I did find some pictures of dogs (??) but it didn't really come together for me. Maybe this is cheating, but I finally went with the aster, which means 'loyalty' in the language of flowers. If it's cheating, I have no remorse, because this is one of my favorite color combinations so far.

PS: the little spiky bits on the doodle are done by blowing the paint with a straw. I saw it on a tutorial once and I'm obsessed.
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