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Located on the South side of Diagon Alley in London, past a number of other shops you notice a quaint building. It is a café in this fairly busy part of section. What makes this different from the other shops? Their logo for one, resembling a wispy stag that moves every now and then in the window, illuminating from a quite distance in the evenings. One can't help but chance a glance as they pass by.

Approaching the café you get a large sense of security as a warm haze falls over you upon entry. There were tables outside the place, where diners could have their meals and chat among themselves as well as indoors. Heading on the inside you are greeted with the sight of many Patronuses floating throughout the walls behind the other stag logos of the café. The flooring a pleasant velvet red, further emphasizing the pleasant warmth one would experience whether for a quick stop or a romantic scenery.

Floating around you see the wispy forms moving around the walls featuring creatures such as phoenixes, zebras, otters, horses and many other magical creatures. Perhaps your own will join the walls if you stay long enough? The tables are compact and decorated with candles that automatically light up keeping the darkness at bay. Along with additional small booths near the back for more privacy. The Menu illuminates right behind the counter as you approach to order. As soon as you sit, you can't help but feel as if you're right at home.

Text Cut: menu

Breakium Emendo
*items served all day
- Apple & Berry Bircher Muesli - 11 Sickles
- Cheese / Chocolate Twist - 12 Sickles
- Croissant - 13 Sickles
- Fruit Salad - 14 Sickles
- Porridge - 12 Sickles
- Yoghurt - 13 Sickles, 10 Knuts

Deluminating Delights
*side choice of chips/crisps/rice
- Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panini - 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles
- Dragon Feast Handcrafted Panini - 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles
- Ham & Chimera Spiced Chutney Sandwich - 1 Galleon, 5 Sickles
- Pigs on Blankets Totalus Melt - 1 Galleon
- Veggie Fidelius Flatbread - 1 Galleon

Felix Felicis
*choice of cream/sugar/milk
- Cappucino - 11 Sickles
- Caramelatte - 13 Sickles
- Cortado - 12 Sickles
- Espresso - 12 Sickles
- Hot Chocolate - 10 Sickles
- Latte - 11 Sickles
- Mocha - 11 Sickles
- White Chocolate Mocha - 12 Sickles, 1 Knut

Salvio Sweets
*choice of sprinkle/syrup topping
- Lemon Posset - 13 Sickles, 9 Knuts
- Mince Pie - 16 Sickles, 5 Knuts
- Salted Caramel Cake - 14 Sickles, 6 Knuts
- Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Brownie - 14 Sickles
- Tiramisu - 15 Sickles
- Torte - 14 Sickles

This shop is owned by an NPC and is a part of the IC Shopkeeper initiative. For details, please see this thread.

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