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Since 1536 the Owl Post Office has been serving the greater London area, by helping you deliver what you need to be delivered. Whether itís a letter or a package, our owls can do the job. We have five owls who can provide a variety of delivery services. As you head through the foyer inside the Owl Post Office you will notice the newly renovated shop. All new furniture has replaced the old and very dated.

Off to the left and the right of the entrance is a bright and long row writing desks. Chairs are lined up in various spaces to seat down and relax. In the back corners on either the left or right are post office boxes, available for purchase. Ask the staff on duty for more information. Straight ahead from the foyer is rather large open space greets those entering the Owl Post Office the only real landmark is a long, rectangular stone Owl Post service desk. Written across the front panel in large, curvy print are the words "Owl Post Office". Against the wall there are three boxes; your letters, when placed in there by an employee, will vanish (to the mailroom of course).

If you approach the desk and find it empty, there is a small silver bell just off to the left. Just one ring please the enchanted bell will make no discernible sound when pressed. Next to the Owl Post service desk, several large racks have been set up. Neatly stacked inside each slot are various postcards, each depicting a different area of Diagon Alley and other notable landmarks of the greater wizarding United Kingdom. Quidditch and Gobstone team postcards can be found here as well. There are many to choose from!

Text Cut: inventory

Postcards: 3 Sickles

Economy: 3 Knuts, 4 Knuts, 12 Knuts, 16 knuts
Standard: 4 Knuts, 6 Knuts, 12 knuts
Express: 6 Sickles, 12 Sickles

Small: 5 sickles
Medium: 10 sickles
Large: 15 sickles

Post office box:
Small 5 sickles/Monthly
Medium 10 sickles /Monthly
Large 15 sickles/Monthly

Custom stationery and letterhead design
baseline of 12 galleons; final price will depend on clinet

Wax & Wax Seal Stamps
Standard wax seal stamp: 2 galleons 14 sickles
Custom wax seal stamp: 6 galleons 15 sickles
Wax seal stamp with 5 wax sticks: 4 galleons 9 sickles
Single wax stick: 2 sickles and 28 knuts

To use the Owl Post system across the Wizarding Word, please complete the following OOC steps:
  1. Fill out the Owl Post survey the necessary information (note that not completely filling out the survey may result in your letter/package taking longer to deliver).
    • Remember to include the username of the person the letter is intended for in the "To" section.
    • Remember to include a link to where the recipient is located in the SSRPGs so the delivery can be made easily.
    • If you are sending a package and wish to use images as visuals, remember to upload to your own image hosting account. Hotlinking images will result in your owl post not being delivered.
    • If you have a certain date OOC that you would like your letter to be delivered by, specify that in the last question of the survey.
  2. OPTIONAL: Post in this thread purchasing the Owl Post delivery service. We would love to role-play with you!

This shop is STAFFED by sweetpinkpixie.

This shop is part of the IC shopkeeper opportunity. Please check out the Shopkeeper Listing for characters employed here!

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