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SPOILER!!: hallo frens
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
You are so excellent at choosing color palettes that compliment each other so well. I cannot even begin to pick a favorite combo of the many beautiful options you have shown us. I forever love the details you add with ink over the water colors as well. The dragon prompt is beautiful too! I originally thought snap dragons when I saw it, but looking at the inspiration photo I can definitely see the Dragon fruit too!
I think snapdragon would have been an excellent prompt too, and the shades would have come out more pink and yellow and grass green based on some of the versions I've painted before. Still not the scaley look some people would expect, right?

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
oh I am very behind in here too so you know what that means

time to be insufferable

the colour palette you chose for dungeon is so neat, like I am not opposed to grey but i like this!!! I won't deny I stared at the little doodle that goes with it for maybe longer than was necessary, it's so captivating and such a pleasure to the eye. and what you did with the paint for grey with those flowers, wow. I could stare at these things all day, ern ;;

big fan of the bold ribbony swooshes in the accio prompt, and I can see the connection between prompt and final piece perfectly. ALSO, for dragon, there is just something about red/black/green combos that is pleasing to my eye, so I will let you off for depriving me of dragon scales (that, and your floral pieces are always so cool to look at)

i'm so on board with your thinking behind occlumency, there's a kind of serenity to it and i... have already said i'm on board, so consider me on board x2. and and and and then CONFUNDO. this is one of my favourites, I think. it's absolutely the vibe and everything about it works so well, the colours and the composition and... all of it. i wish to lick it.

love ur work!!! give me more!!
You left a LOT of comments, and that's my favorite thing. I'm glad you like my little doodles. I think I told someone on an earlier post that this makes me feel like I'm cheating the system a little, but it's keeping me engaged and wanting to paint/draw every day, and I think that's really the point.

Also, I think the confundo doodle and palette is one of my favorites too. The colors don't feel redundant with anything else I've done, and I haven't done overlapping color topography before. that makes sense in my head...

Please don't like the art, but come back for more anytime.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Okay, but the Accio and Confundo prompts? :3: DELIGHTFUL! Absolutely delightful! I really, really enjoy the colours you choose, Ern!
Thanks! I'm glad you liked Accio because it's so bright bright bright to me, but I like Confundo too! <3

Day 13 - Lonely

SPOILER!!: Inspiration Image

We're going for melancholy with these colors, and I think there's something about the subtle warmth of the pink that makes the Prussian blue all the cooler. I did cheat a tiny bit and include two shades of the same blue, but it's for effect. The drama, if you will. <3
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