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shhh no it's fine I think chimera/chimaera is a dual-spelling thing depending on where u are

okay first off you need to know I recognised that as atlas INSTANTLY. it's the jigglypuff face for me. the association of the prompts to the piece is we love a hero's journey. I love the blending on his hair, so subtle but so effective, and also in the pot of the bubotuber. AND in the pus. ugh. witchcraft.

i looooove all the little details you managed to get into your zinnia piece - how big are these pieces roughly? are you diving up pages of your ohuhu sketchbook again? anywaY, the texture in the broom bristles and allll the blending and shading here has such a good effect, and I think you did great on the hairline too, I wouldn't have thought it was something you usually struggle with. anyway x2. yes. love a smiling zinnia. team blue-and-silver-is-valid

it's kurumiiiiii. what a journey for this prompt, and her eyes are amazing here, and you know i am in love with the richard-of-york-gave-battle-in-vain cookie... things. chips? you know what i'm saying. this one looks so soft to me and yet not soft but yes soft but ??? it's very striking. I love the contrast between the dark of her hair and robes and the bright eyes and cookie Roy G. Bivs

more please
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