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Drawing 'grey' first made me immediately jump to Charles Hollingberry since he is quite literally a greying man. Transfiguration solidified this idea, while also giving me feelings about drawing a chibi old man, since he is a Metamorphmagus...but 'half-blood prince' threw me a little for a look because he is a pureblood and I was not really drawing clear and easy connections between the title and Snape's reasons for it. So I back peddled a bit and with 'grey' being associated with thoughts jumped to my oldest and first ever RP character, and the daughter of Charles Hollingberry, Kurumi.

So, cue a little homage to first year Kurumi and her cookie (and alleged part house elf) legacy.

Kurumi is halfblood, born to a muggle mother and pureblood father. Her upbringing is quite the opposite of Snape in that she was closer to her father and neglected by her mother on the basis that she was magical and her mother harbored a deep resentment towards the magical world because Charles' fanatical pureblood family and a ~certain incident~ when they found out he was in love with and had married a muggle in secret. However, Kurumi shared in that Snape-like ambition to rise above the prejudices and neglect and had to learn to embrace her heritages during her time at Hogwarts, including her inherited Metamorphmagus abilities that kept her eyes violet. I've been watching a whole lot of House of the Dragon and once again going down the spiral of THE PRINCE THAT WAS PROMISED and how in High Valyrian the word for prince is a gender neutral term and here we have an afterthought of a crossover.

It's a little doodle that brings back the stubby hands and feet. Huzzah.

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
I can't get over how freakin' ADORABLE these are. And you're right, that pus is amazing. Wow, that's a sentence I never thought I'd type. And the shading on the pot. And those super cute earmuffs. And the Ravenclaw sweater.

I want this to be a comic book series.
I've tried to write a comic so many times but... I lack the consistency still to actually accomplish such a thing. Maybe I just need to figure out a more simplistic style to get through it and not keep my brain wrapped around full blown mangaka

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
The hairline turned out great, and those earmuffs are legit FLUFFY. I'm obsessed with the fluffy. I like how fast these all fit together like puzzle pieces for you to come up with a concept, because it looks like you're having fun and experimenting with the medium in a very cool way. How many markers do you have?
Thank you, Ern and...uh...I have THIS MANY. Several are pretty dried out and need replaced.

Originally Posted by Suziella View Post
Omg. I love this concept so much! I think chimera is my fav so far. I love them all! Stop with all the talent you make me jealous! SO CUTE!
thank you, Suzy

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Ahh it's Zinnia! You did a lovely job with this one too. Really love the blending and vibrant colors, and especially appreciate the blue and bronze. The detail on the sweater is amazing. I don't know what you mean by messing up because this is clearly Zinnia just about to hop onto her broom while it's in mid-air. She is that skilled.
Long live the blue and BROZE. Just...cannot forgive Warner Brothers for that. Ever. The sweater was looking a real mess until I drew the lines down them with my brown liner - then it finally looked like a sweater because my shading was just not doing it.

I like your take. Yes. She agrees.

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