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Another concept that came to me almost instantly...but I almost scrapped entirely upon completing coloring because I messed UP because her left leg is not supposed to be behind the broom but in front of it and I should have erased the lines more diligently in the sketch phase and I had a real moment when I realized the little oopsie. But, channeling some Bob Ross, I kept the happy accident and tried not to stare at the glaring mistake for too long.


I knew the moment I had a prompt that even alluded to brooms that my girl Zinnia Shacklebolt was going to come into play. Ironically, it was the 'tight bun' that came up first and had me immediately thinking of her and the extremely tight ponytails she oh-so-often would wear her hair in. 'Winged keys' sealed the deal and brought in the broom element (also a KEY to this character's happiness) with 'earmuffs' rounding it all out as a wintery piece. Due to her strict upbringing, few things in life could make Zinnia truly smile and feel her most free but quidditch and flying were and still remain to this day her sanctuary. Combining her aerialist (silks specifically) skills with flying was also a means for her to reclaim a bit of agency in her life since learning this skill had also been something controlled by her grandmother to be performed in beauty pageants and high society pureblood parties as an eye-catching selling point for matchmaking. Drawing Zinnia with such a BIG smile was a pretty big treat for me, not gonna lie, and it is probably the sort of smile she only wears in secret while taking her broom out for a spin.

I just wish I had colored the broom and her left leg properly.

This one was really fun and a challenge to play around with my darker Ohuhu markers and rediscover the variety of shade I have with my browns and yellows. I think I am most proud of the way her face came out and particularly the hairline. There IS a reason why a lot of my chibis have sweeping bangs or a lot of hair over the forehead and that's because I find it easier to do than 'bare' foreheads and hairlines. But hers came out so cute and dainty and you would never know her tendency to rub it so viciously while irritated Giving Ravenclaw it's bronze (no silver here) was also nice and there are probably three different lighter shades of brown in use there. The earmuffs almost vanished because of her dark hair and the purple was not standing out all that well, so I pulled from my shelf some very fine tip POSCA pens and one of my pale purples to give it a bit more dimension and texture.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
I just all starry eyed here because I cannot get over how CUTE this mashup is! I LOVE the expression on his face My fave thing though, is the little plant. I adore the colouring :3
It is a VERY weird looking plant. The perfect yellow dots were created with a POSCA pen and really brought it all together for me working with BLACK is always hard because it is so unforgiving at times. The pot though I used some colorless blender on it after setting down the base layer and it really came out nice.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Don't you think Bria probably just assumes Picketta is her sister?

Anyway, poor lil Flamsteed. It seems just the sort of mess he'd get into, doesn't it?
I can see that no questions asked. Probably shared a cot for a bit too. Picketta would just love tangling herself up in those curls.

It really...truly does. Poor June Flamsteed surely had her share of heart attacks.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
AWWWWWW STOOOOOOP. Atlas’ expression is perfect, love him. Your art style is still, as always, an inspiration and really makes me want to get creative and I love the Anna one!! I recognised her immediately, hehe.
you are so sweet (Atlas and Anna appreciate it, very much) hope to see you have a thread one of these days!

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Oh this is the perfect mashup of these three prompts! I love this so much from his precious angery expression to the blending of the bubotuber pus. And just the way it lays on his head lolol. I'm going to try out your blending method.
The colorless blender is so intimidating to me but...maybe 3 years later I finally have it sort of figured out. Thank you, MJ


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