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Hearing a voice, Karleigh turned slightly, just as she had finished taking a picture. "Oh, you didn't interrupt," she assured the younger girl with a smile. "I was just getting some pictures around the castle. It's my last year so I wanted to make sure I got everything." Even if the fruit bowl seemed a little arbitrary.

"Actually..." she paused and looked at the other girl a moment. "Would you mind if I took a picture of you tickling the pear? Or you could take a picture of me, if you'd rather." Especially since she didn't know the girl at all, maybe it would make more sense that way. Hopefully that wasn't too weird a request.

But before she could say anymore or hand the girl her camera, she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. "Peeves!" She turned towards the poltergeist just as he zoomed off down the corridor. "What is he doing now?"
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