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One prompt I would have never picked on my own was the prejudged/underestimated prompt...and wouldn't you know it, that was the first one that was pulled from the app on this second round. Go figure. Thankfully the despair of artist block did not have time to set in with 'kindness' and 'dittany' as follow ups. With two Hufflepuff inspired prompts...there was one idea that came to mind and no my brain would not be accepting other pitches at the time. Almost immediately, the moment where second year Derfael adopted the rescued bowtruckle that he named Picketta came to mind. Him lowering his hand and asking her if she would like to be his companion and her little bowtruckle tendril fingers coiled around his to solidify their bond. Picketta was ( and extremely judgmental little thing who distrusted all humans because of the illegal means of which her and her then bowtruckle family's Home Tree was chopped down and harvested from. Once her she formed a bond with Derf, that softened for HIM...but then everyone else he ever interacted with she had her issues with. Scratching, biting, ~gently mauling~, and so on...until she learned to trust. Picketta also taught Derf responsibility and patience, being assertive about his own wants and not letting people walk all over him or the words of other influence how he ought to behave and act. So, like dittany, they healed one another's bruises and scars. Also, there is something poetic about how there were two Hufflepuff prompts and one Ravenclaw one since Derf was a near hatstall (and originally intended to be a Ravenclaw but Hufflepuff inched its way in).

The effect on this one is much softer than my previous one. On top of the color palate being softer in general, I also colored first and then did line art after - and even then, the line art is not as sharp and full. It gives off a real sweet and innocent tone, I think, which fits the inspiration quite nicely.

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Omg this is so flipping cute. I love your style of drawing characters, especially your use of markers, and Anna is adorable. I can definitely see her doing this too. Also love this concept! I like doing challenges like this too and I'm eager to see what else you come up with!
I do love me some chibi style Her hair was both the most stressful and most fun to shade - I think there are three different browns used from the Ohuhu skin tone collection in there.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
The mandrake is SO CUTE. Like I want a little stuffed one just like that to hug for comfort instead of the teddy bear. I love how this turned out, and the challenge of melding several prompts together is going to be so FUN to watch.

Also, the freckles. They're killing me.
A plushie mandrake like that would be so cute, omg. There are places online that turn children's art into stuffed animals... they really are missing out on potted mandrake plant plushies!

If you can believe it, when I started drawing this I made a big ol' note to NOT forget her freckles - because I don't have many characters with them and I haven't drawn them before either...and then I went and forgot them and honestly, the audacity that is me because Anna's FC has the cutest freckly face.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
I love the concept youíre running with this year, Kath. You always take your seektober thread and elevate it to new creative depths. Iím so excited to see how this unfolds, but already I am so blown away by your first round. The teddy bear wearing the square glasses? *CHEFSKISS* The mandrakes expression is also especially tugging on my heartstrings.
thank you, Ariana the mandrake's face and the teddy bear were the quickest bits of this piece to draw too the glasses really suit it too.

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