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10. transparent soul | Willow ft. Travis Barker

Hogwarts, Year Four, Fourteen
Transparent soul
I can see right through, just so you know
Transparent soul
I can see right through, just so you know

Lisa asked Daniel to the dance. V flipped out but soon came to apologize to Lisa.

At the dance, Lisa had a decent enough time with Daniel. He was perfect as a date. Handsome, matched her colours, was a good conversationalist but... He didn't want to dance. So as she headed to the archways, she paused and saw Serena and... Jasper. Her heart dropped as she replayed previous conversations.

She walked away and then spotted V and Stewie canoodling...

She felt even more lost until she ran into Yumeki, Atlas, Freddie, and Remy.

Lisa really just wanted to ignore everything.

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