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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
After seven years, Cailyn was well aware that most people did not share her love for History of Magic. History in general, really, but it was Hogwarts, after all. And there was the slightest curiosity in that they didn’t study the subject as often in Muggle Studies. There were obvious parallels, but it wasn’t the Muggle Studies professor in front of her. And well above her, given her position on the ground. Another thing she was used to, though: people towering over her. Margaret was her bestie and dormmate, after all.

“Was it particularly difficult?”, she found herself asking, merely because Professor Holden had said he remembered it, not that she expected an answer. Rhetorical questions. Besides, it was NEWTs. The difficulty was right there in the name. “Naturally”, she added with another grin. “The usual subjects. Everything but astronomy and divination”. Since she may have failed those OWLs, or at least gotten a P in them. Which he probably knew.

And then there was the poltergeist situation. She would’ve been lying to herself if she’d said she had expected her head of house not to notice the glow. As if she needed another thing to worry about. “Honestly, it’s Hogwarts? I wouldn’t be surprised if there were glowing books in the library, but no. It’s not the book”. Sigh. “I feel okay?” Kind of like a human flashlight, but physically she felt fine.
Was Transfiguration difficult? He shook his head. "Not in comparison to Arithmancy. I think Transfiguration was in the middle of levels of difficulty. That being said, I thought History of Magic, Astronomy, and Ancient Runes were the easiest." He also had Professors that he really liked teaching the material. Honestly, he had enjoyed most of his Professors except the one Professor who he suspected was a Cold One but... he suspected that he ought to put that behind himself now especially considering that he had been 13 and now he was almost 40.... "Well.. I think the subjects minus the ones you mentioned will be great for you. Plus you're taking the History of Magic one so I'm sure you'll pass that one and the others with flying colours, Miss Cooke." He gave her a kind, genuine smile. He DID believe that she would do well!

Merlin. When he had become so sentimental? He had been so awkward in his youth.... As much as he hated to admit it, he had always been a big SOFTIE.

He chuckled at her comment and added with a wry smile, "Anything can happen at Hogwarts. That's the one guarantee." That motto had served him well since his third year when they had been stuck in the castle for the entire winter. So she felt alright? Okay? Okay. "Well... that's a good sign. As long as you feel okay, I think that's good. If you don't feel good, then you should go see Healer Macini..."

But she knew that.
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