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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
He gave Desiree a wide smile when she greeted him in return. Her smile was infectious. He always found this particular’s attitude positive. “Much recovered after the feast,” he chuckled, opening the door so that Miss Marchand could step into the office. “Peeves got a little too excited, I reckon.

Simon took a few steps back over to his desk and offered Miss Marchand a seat if she wanted to take one. He was interested in hearing her answer and raised both eyebrows when she brought forward a present. A present? For him. Consider him touched! His smile touched his eyes making the ice blue slightly warmer.

Why thank you! That’s very kind of you, Miss Marchand. And yes, you may. Would you like a hot beverage? I have tea and hot cocoa. Perhaps we could have a macaron while we chat?” he offered.
Desiree was glad to hear that Professor Holden had recovered from Peeves’s antics. After all, nobody likes being pelted with nasty swamp water. She giggled softly. She supposed that was one way to describe Peeves, Not sure “excited” was the word she’d use, though! “Then Peeves needs to find a less messy way to show his excitement!” she replied with an empathic nod. Like glitter, for example. You couldn’t go wrong throwing something colorful and sparkly!

She immediately noticed the way Holden’s smile extended to his eyes, which, in her opinion, made him even more like a Disney prince than ever. Seriously, did he know he looked like Prince Eric? “Thank you,” she replied, setting the tray on the desk. She took a seat, daintily arranging her skirt around her as she sat up straight with perfect princessy posture.

Ooh, he did have beverages for the students! Desiree’s smile grew even wider at the offer of hot cocoa. “Yes, please! Hot cocoa sounds lovely,” she said. “Which flavor would you like? The yellow ones are butterbeer flavored, and the black ones are dark chocolate.”
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