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SPOILER!!: Lisa! <3
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
She appreciated the offer to review her essay after his homework. "Where are you going to be working on homework at tonight? I could stop by if you're in the library and give it to you then or now.. whichever is easiest," she added. Lisa would most likely be spending the evening in the library with her nose in a textbook.

Lisa chuckled at his comment and gave him a smile when he told her that she didn't need to 'hurry up and figure it out'. Then he mentioned what he wanted to do. So he knew? "The best dancer and pianist! How cool. What kind of dancer?" she asked genuinely interested because her eldest brother had studied ballet and modern dance for several years. He hadn't gone into that though but he still did it. Instead, he was training to be a full fledged Healer. "Okay so.." She pulled out a notebook and a pen from her bag. "I'll just need your signature here for future needs when you're big and famous." Lisa gave him a wink to show him that she was teasing him again.

She beamed. "Yeah, I hope it works out. If not, at least I tried, right?" She was trying to remain as positive as ever. Oh. He wanted the essay now? She fished into her backpack and handed it to him. "Thanks for your time. I ... really enjoyed this."

“I’ll be at the library for sure since I need to use a few of the books there if you want to drop by. I’ll be there shortly after dinner.” It would be a hassle for him to have to check out multiple books. He could just enjoy the solitude of the library while he was there and use it to his advantage. Why? Because this Hufflepuff wanted to get ahead of his homework game by completing them before they got piled up. But he’d check Lisa’s essay first because she was a priority.

Yep! Jude knew! He had known since he had first discovered he had a knack for dance. Then later on, the piano had attracted him and with help from his older brother, the sixth year had mastered it in no time. The boy grinned. “Thanks, Lisa! Ballroom dancing for me. I really love those.” See, there were many types of ballroom dances and learning them was a challenge he enjoyed. Jude knew all about Lisa’s older brother and his love of dance as well; the best friend had told him all about it! The guy started to laugh softly when he heard why Lisa had pulled out her notebook and pen. “One autograph coming right up… just for you!’’ Jude signed his full name in cursive with a flourish on a clean sheet in the book. “Here you are!’’ Ugh. He’d do anything for this little Ravenclaw!

There was an earnest nod from him. “You wouldn’t know unless you try.” If it didn’t work out then Lisa would be spared most of the ‘What If’ questions her entire life. Jude took the essay. “You’re welcome! I did too. We should do this a bit more.” It was always relaxing to catch up with someone you cared about, just rattling off on various topics whether the conversation be deep or not. “Okay, I’ll see you, Lisa! You be good!’’ With a wave and another chuckle, he departed.
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