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Jude knew how much she looked up to him, right?

So when the lesson began and Professor Hernandez started to speak all was well. Keighley listened as she always did, jotting down notes on her parchment which wasn't anything new from her either. What was new however was the look on the fourth years face when they were asked to pick a side of the room to stand on depending upon how they answered this question. Is Felix Felicis an ethical potion to brew and use.

Why did they have to pick a side? She didn't want to do that. Being in a neutral position sounded better to her. There were pros and cons to this potion as there were pros and cons to pretty much everything in life. It all depended on how it was looked at but more importantly it came down to the one using it. Keigh crinkled up her nose in thought, slowly raising her hand so she could give her answer. "It's not a potion I myself would see me using but.. I don't see an issue with it being taught. Whether it's learned under a watchful eye of a professor or figured out on ones own, if someone wants to learn it badly enough they will find a way." Just saying. It's the truth. Not teaching something at Hogwarts doesn't make it unlearnable. "As for it being used.. well.. I guess that would depend on what it's being used for. Not everyone's intentions for it may be bad." Sorry Jude. Getting to her feet, she slowly made her way to the back of the room to join the others standing there, blue eyes downcast. Surely she had let her big brother down by not siding with him.
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