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They were having a debate about wheter it was moral or immoral to brew liquid luck. Bella considered silently, and listened to the others points as student after student around her filtered to the back or front of the classroom depending on their views. Raising her hand as she stood up Bella waited until she had Prof Hernandez full attention before sharing her view. "I agree with Kayla and Lisa. I don't think it's immoral to brew or use liquid luck. It's the user of the potion that decides what the purpose of the potion will be if its for a little good fun or something more sinister, and we need to learn how to brew potions of all kinds and to handle the consequences of using potions both in school and out in the world. " She then walked over to join Lisa and Kayla in the back of the room. Everything always effected other people the question was if it was for good or bad.
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