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Welcome, welcome and thanks for peeking in at my graphics request shop! My name is Michelle, more preferably Chelle or Chellie, and I’m a mom of two this is important so you remember fast is… probably not on the menu! I’ve dabbled in some avatar challenges in the past and joined in on a couple of the SS competitions (which are so much fun!) but this is the first time I’m hosting a full shop. Or… at least the first time since I’ve been an adult and not a junior higher. My current skill level with graphics is not near the same as the wonderful individuals we have here on site, but I do like to do them and each request gives me additional practice to hopefully better this skill I would like to possess. So please, request if you fancy doing so! You’d be doing me a favor!

If doing so, however, please keep in mind the below rules.
  • All SS Site and Gladrags Rules Apply
  • Please provide large high quality images for me to work with. The more images you provide me with, the better chance at least one will be good to work with. If you’re also alright with me locating pictures individually, please include the model’s name.
  • Please do not hotlink - any images provided must be linked to your own image account.
  • Do not make the same request in multiple shows. It’s common courtesy.
  • Please don’t hesitate to ask if you want or need something changed. I don’t bite - promise.
  • Don’t forget to credit if using my work.
SPOILER!!: *click*

SPOILER!!: Avatars

SPOILER!!: Profile Pictures

SPOILER!!: Signatures

SPOILER!!: Banners

SPOILER!!: Bio Pics

  • Name?
  • What do you want? Profile picture, avatar, signature, banner, bio pic
  • Size? Maximum sizes are 100 x 100 for avs, 350 x 350 for bio pics and profile pictures and 450 x 200 for signatures and banners
  • Images? Large highquality images from your own image hosting account and/or name of your character model
  • Text? Please put here what you would like your graphics to say
  • Anything specific? Please include here if there are any particular colors you would like on your images, or any stylistic preferences
  • Character info? Provide a couple of brief lines about what your character is like. Mainly because I’m nosey and like to celebrate your charries, but also because knowing a little about a character helps a LOT with the inspiration process. This can be their favorite foods, their biggest strength, their weaknesses. ANY little tidbit you are able and willing to share!
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