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Disappointing that they wouldn't get their own vial of it, but also understandable. Especially considering the turn the beginning of the class took with this first question.

Kayla was...torn. Neither side really sat well with her, with the extremes of the either never immoral or always immoral to use the Liquid Luck potion. Life was more complicated than that. But she supposed if they weren't forced to temporarily pick a side within the classroom setting, they might all choose the same side of "it's complicated," considering they all had good reasons for each side so far. And perhaps that defeated the purpose of the exercise, if there was no debate. wasn't easy, but finally she went to the back of the room. "I don't think there are no problems with this potion," she said. "However, I also don't think that just because it can be used for nefarious purposes, that it means it shouldn't ever be taught. In the same way that we have defense classes to protect ourselves from the dark arts and other magic that can do harm, we should also be able to learn about potions that can be used for ethical and unethical reasons, in order to prepare ourselves to deal with them if we need to."
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