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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Oops. She certainly got a little over excited about that new nugget of information that she had discovered. “Thats cool!” she admitted, trying to regain her inner calm. Perhaps being overly excited wasn’t the best reaction in hindsight?

She nodded at his succinct and diplomatic answer. He was right. It could have its perks.

Lisa continued to wait for Raj’s answer even when another student asked to get past her. She moved to the side and looked back to Raj with curious eyes. Flies? Huh. That’d be helpful. You would have not only a superior mode of transportation but also get to enjoy the views. She personally (due to her terror of heights) wouldn’t have chosen such a flying creature but did find it interesting. Lisa did like owls however. They were so cute as babies! “Do you like flying?
Yeah, he had to agree it WAS cool. Rajesh liked that he still had someone he considered family around with him away at school when he wasn’t the most outgoing person to have that many friends as support. Plus, one adult he could absolutely trust no matter what. With what happened the year he first started, it was incredibly important.

As for flying… “I do,” he answered with a smile at the thought Whether it was on a broom as introduced by one father or on a hippogriff with his other parent. He hadn’t had much time for it last term trying to be studious and properly prepared for his OWLs, but hopefully that would improve for the current term. "It's very freeing and relaxing." At least to him he supposed.
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