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Yes…strange symptoms indeed.

Rajesh was keeping an eye out for any sign his own was gonna act up, debating casting the spell he learned from Professor Madigan just in case. However, there seemed to be another debate that was going to have more of an impact on the class right off the bat…whether felix felicis was something that should be taught or something that wasn’t fair and ethical. Listening to what Professor Hernandez had to say, as well as what his classmates brought up before he could make his own decision, the Ravenclaw’s gaze went to both sides of the room.

He was caught in between.

He felt it was an okay potion in some instances, in moderation, for the small things. Keeping self from injury, or helping a cause like Potter and his friends was one thing. But on the other side of the matter, Raj wasn’t sure it was all right for something that mattered a bit more or for personal gain, like winning a quidditch match where it affected both teams and future matches. But the professor had said that they HAD to take a side. No such sitting on the fence like the currently was.

It seemed like he was heading to the front with Lisa and Ash. “While it has pitfalls and should have limitations…I don’t feel its completely immoral and not something to learn.” he answered, taking a stand beside the older Ravenclaw.
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