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Keep a safe and respectful distance away from the Willow?

No one needed to remind this Hufflepuff of that. He valued his life too much, even if he wasn’t feeling his best right now. He had come out here despite the cold to hopefully be alone and to write his reply to Kimmie. Jude had found a dying grassy area and was presently laying on his stomach, thoughtfully chewing on the end of his pen. His brain was trying to put all the things he wanted to caution Kimmie about in a coherent paragraph or two. Truthfully, he envied her that she might actually have a shot again with the person she loved. But he was also afraid that she would get hurt again. That sort of pain… the emotional damages it did was dangerous.

The sixth year took note of the fact that there were no butterflies around; the winter weather definitely had something to do with that. Research had told him that butterflies hibernate during the winter. He sort of missed them because he had grown attached to their presence ever since he had figured they were attracted to him for some weird reason. Anyway. The winter affected them, not him as the Puff was dressed for the weather. Plus his clothing was armed with a simple Heating Charm for extra measure.

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