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Jude hadn’t expected anyone to be paying attention to him but Hernandez. Though he supposed that hearing a fellow student had turned into an alpaca would make everyone interested. “Exactly as I said, Professor,’’ he remarked, bobbing his head earnestly. Jude frankly did not care if anyone believed him; the only one that mattered was Hernandez. He shrugged at Hooper. “This one did.” The sixth year really didn’t want to draw more attention to Evan but he figured that others needed to be warned that there might be more students bursting into alpacas. Or a variety of creatures. “He turned into an alpaca for some reason.” That should answer Ash, Daniel and Lisa.

Spotting Luther, he gave him a little wave and a reassuring smile. He didn’t want to upset the guy unnecessarily about strange happenings in his very first year, yeah? And THERE was Evan! See?! Words that backed Jude up directly from the horse’s… No, alpaca’s Ravenclaw’s mouth. A grateful look was thrown to the other boy before they headed off to workstations. Naturally, he took one next to Evan. “Are you okay?” Jude gave the seventh year a concerned look. It seemed that he spent all his Hogwarts life worrying over the seventh year. “Not gonna chew up my notes today, are you? I probably am going to start walking around with carrots and apples for you if this is going to be a thing.” He bit back a chuckle and busied himself retrieving his ink and parchment. There was a soft snort from him. “Merlin, I hope so! That Poltergeist is driving me crazy.” Jude watched all the happening around him warily; they were anything he hadn’t seen before. Most notably was Keigh’s flowers. “Heeey, little sister!’’ He gave her his brightest smile. His best friend and younger sister on either side of him today? Perfect!

The Hufflepuff eyed the butterflies. Jude wasn’t even sure he had brought those butterflies along or someone else had. Because yes, he had come to realise that at times there were quite a bit of butterflies about him and they appeared for no reason, especially indoors. His gaze shifted to Evan a bit before darting back to Hernandez. When the man had asked ‘asking out the girl of your dreams’, his mind had immediately turned ‘girl’ into ‘guy’. Of course he was thinking of Evan and of course he immediately felt super guilty because of Davet. He sighed quietly. There would be no end to these raging feelings of his.

Jude raised his hand. “I would say it is immoral to use in general or in most situations but not to be taught about. It’s just not fair to have anything to go your way, no matter how much you want it to. What becomes of the person or persons involved in the scenario of you consuming the Potion? What if they too wanted the scenario to go their way, but weren’t given a proper chance for that to happen because they didn’t consume the Potion? So yes, I see its use as being immoral.” As a Hufflepuff, fairness was important to him. With that, the sixth year headed for the front of the class.
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