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What Evan had not been expecting whilst making his way to Potions, was to hear his own name mentioned a few times as he neared the door, and as he realized the topic of conversation his face burned a bit red as he entered the room - a sheepish smile towards Professor Hernandez. "I uh... Sorry, sir. I did do that. I'm not quite sure why it happened." And if he could stop it from happening again, he probably would. So if Professor Hernandez had any suggestions on that, the Ravenclaw was certainly all ears. He probably should have already gone to see Professor Mancini or his Head of House but... It had seemed there was a lot of quirky things afoot and he wouldn't want to be a bother. The hope had been it would just... Resolve itself.

He glanced at the other students, stifling a groan at the alpaca centric conversation, before following his best friend towards a work station, directing a question at Jude as he did so. "You think we're learning Felix Felicis to stop all the weirdness? Or.. maybe like a Peeves ward?" He was still on edge eating in the great hall. Would prefer to not smell like swamp water.

Before he'd moved along though, hearing Ash's question and concern, Ev paused to give her shoulder a small reassuring squeeze glancing over at Lisa as well to respond to them both. "Nothing to be concerned about." Uh... Hopefully. "Just... Some extra peculiarities. With apparently a warning to also hold onto your homework." Oops?

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