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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Simon let out a soft sigh of relief when the first year turned back towards him and asked for a cup of hot chocolate. "Of course," he nodded as he headed over to the side table to prep two cups of hot chocolate. It didn't take him long to return with two mugs of hot chocolate and a small bowl of marshmallows that he placed at the edge of his desk. "Here you go," he said as he passed one of the cups to Mr. Starrivers. "Help yourself to some marshmallows. Having hot chocolate with marshmallows has become a habit in the Holden household. My eldest swears that it makes hot chocolate taste a 'million' times better." He chuckled and took a sip of his hot chocolate (that he had added three marshmallows to).

Then Simon listened. He looked at Luther and then his blue eyes flicked to the ribbon that he was playing with fleetingly before back to Luther. Wow.. To have lost not one but both parents at such a young age. Fortunately Luther had a guardian angel in Leo or so it sounded like it to Simon. He nodded after Luther mentioned that all he longed for was to hear and see them. His heart went out to the young boy. "I.." Holden paused. He was at a loss for words momentarily. "I understand your quest... You could always preserve those memories in a pensieve. However, it is a rare item to come across but with one you can revisit memories..." Though sometimes as much as the heart wanted something, reliving in the past could be challenging for moving forward.
Luther looked at the cup of hot chocolate and the marshmallows. A memory from a summer night with Leo caused a faint warmness to course through him. However, a longing for home and Leo overcame the warmness. With a bittersweet smile as the remnant of the memory, Luther said "It definitely does taste better." and then continued "I have heard of this tool you mentioned, pensieve. I was hoping maybe my family had one in Gringotts. However, I didn't have time to claim the vault. Also, I was not sure how... real it would feel, you know, viewing the memories in the pensieve."
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