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Now getting more accustomed to the bubbles, Lisa didn't mind speaking with them. She had grown to ignore them which made her confidence re-blossom. She was here. Ready to conquer all of her OWLS even with an uncontrollable amount of bubbles. Her eyes saw the ingredients on the desk and then the text on the board. Felix Felicis. "Hello Professor Hernandez. Do we get to keep a sample of the potion if we brew it correctly today?" she asked hopefully. Then she went to go find a seat. She did wave and smile to a few people that she knew in the class.

Maybe that could cure the bubbles?

"What about Evan, Jude?" she asked having only heard Ash's question which she repeated because she was equally a curious. She took the seat next to Daniel because she had so MANY questions to ask about his gift. She placed her notebook on the table and pulled out a different one that she kept in her hands. "So... do you have like 'spidey' senses too?"

Please ignore the bubbles that escaped.
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