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Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
Hooper had followed behind the Professor at a distance with his hands jammed into his pocked with a slightly miffed look on his usually happy-go-lucky face so it had taken him a little longer to get to the office than was most likely expected. How come he was the only one that had detention? He was the one that had been turned into a chicken? Surely waking up and finding our you’ve got feathers everywhere was a good enough reason to be late? Sure, it hadn’t exactly taken Professor Mancini long to sort it out but he didn’t know that?

When he arrived, Hooper have a small knock on the door and entered, his feet scuffing the floor as he did so. “I’m here Professor,” his voice quiet and slightly dejected. This was so unfair.
Simon had been very close to telling Mr. Ridley-Rush that he had detention but instead... his gut told him it wasn't the right decision. When he heard the younger boy's voice, he turned around. "Please take a seat... Would you like tea, hot cocoa, or a glass of water?" he offered as he poured himself a cup of tea.

"I was going to give you detention but instead... I wanted to talk about what happened between you and Miss Gaeltheos in class. Is there something going on between the two of you?" he asked. He suspected some type of bad behaviour on both student's part but there was most likely a root cause too it.

He wouldn't tolerate such behaviour in his next lesson.

Originally Posted by Freyr View Post
Luther stopped. A million different voices were arguing in his head. Some were about how he needed someone to talk to other than Leo. Some were saying he shouldn't waste any more time with others. Some were saying Professor might be a valuable source of information. All of these different voices visibly overwhelmed Luther.

After taking a deep breath, Luther untied the ribbon in his hair and started playing with it. Another deep breath. Then he turned to Professor Holden and asked, with a voice weaker than he wanted to sound, "I... May I have a cup of hot chocolate, Professor, if that's alright?" He went and sat down in one of the chairs facing the Professor's desk.

His eyes fixed on the ribbon flowing between his fingers, Luther spoke "My parents... Umm, I don't remember much as I said. But... they were researchers. Well, my mom was a theoretician and dad was a potioneer, according to Leo. That's my house-elf but he is like a big brother. I don't have a brother but I guess it would be like this if I had one." Luther stopped he was getting sidetracked. After another deep breath, he continued "And they were experimenting one day when I was at school. Leo says he felt the explosion. A wave of wild magic washed over the house. They were in their laboratory. They always told me not to go inside without at least one of them. I still haven't set a foot in that room, you know. And I... I have photos and portraits of them but it is not the same. I want to remember them. I want to be able to hear them again. That's why I need to find a way to remember things better." His eyes never left the ribbon while speaking. When he felt like there was nothing he could add, he looked at Professor Holden. However, his hands never stopped playing with the ribbon.
Simon let out a soft sigh of relief when the first year turned back towards him and asked for a cup of hot chocolate. "Of course," he nodded as he headed over to the side table to prep two cups of hot chocolate. It didn't take him long to return with two mugs of hot chocolate and a small bowl of marshmallows that he placed at the edge of his desk. "Here you go," he said as he passed one of the cups to Mr. Starrivers. "Help yourself to some marshmallows. Having hot chocolate with marshmallows has become a habit in the Holden household. My eldest swears that it makes hot chocolate taste a 'million' times better." He chuckled and took a sip of his hot chocolate (that he had added three marshmallows to).

Then Simon listened. He looked at Luther and then his blue eyes flicked to the ribbon that he was playing with fleetingly before back to Luther. Wow.. To have lost not one but both parents at such a young age. Fortunately Luther had a guardian angel in Leo or so it sounded like it to Simon. He nodded after Luther mentioned that all he longed for was to hear and see them. His heart went out to the young boy. "I.." Holden paused. He was at a loss for words momentarily. "I understand your quest... You could always preserve those memories in a pensieve. However, it is a rare item to come across but with one you can revisit memories..." Though sometimes as much as the heart wanted something, reliving in the past could be challenging for moving forward.

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