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Default Oh, hey Jude!

Strolling into the lesson, his backpack hanging off one shoulder, it took Hooper a moment to actually spot the writing on the blackboard behind the professor’s desk. From their previous lessons, he was obviously aware that the lesson was going to be on Felix Felicis but the specifics still confused the Gryffindor.

“How are you today Professor? Feeling lucky are we?” A small smile on his lips now as he nodded towards the blackboard, his eyes only briefly skimming its contents.

Taking a seat at one of the desks, Hooper began taking out his potions textbook and listened as a sixth-year student (Jude) was talking to the Professor. “An Alpaca? No way. They don’t even like parchment!” He’d heard of the whole dog ate my homework excuse before but this one took the biscuit. “Do we even have Alpaca’s at Hogwarts? Where did it come from”. He wasn’t saying he didn’t believe Jude. He was simply saying…it sounded like a lie.

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