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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Jude was… troubled. So troubled {and distracted}, he failed to notice the topic of today’s lesson. He quickly approached Hernandez the moment he laid eyes on the man. “Hi, Professor! I hope you’re well.” The Hufflepuff waited a beat then launched into the scenario he wanted to get into. “Um… about our last bit of homework… it um… got eaten… by an alpaca…” Yes. You heard that right! “Actually, the alpaca was Evan! One minute, he was standing there on two legs, no fur. You know, like a NORMAL human, but the next, he had four legs and fur and… well, alpaca Evan snatched the homework I asked him to check out of my hands AND HE ATE IT! I kid you not, Professor!’’

Like… Alpaca!Evan chewed that parchment as though it were doughnuts going out of style!

It was true!!! Gosh, where was that best friend of his?! He’d better not wander in here as an alpaca! Or maybe he should then Hernandez would see that Jude wasn’t lying. Also, the sixth year was worried about the other boy. One did not spontaneously combust into an alpaca normally.
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