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Default Potions Lesson - Felix Felicis

While Javier generally liked to make his students guess the subject of the lesson before getting underway, he was making it very clear right off the bat this time. On the blackboard behind his desk at the front of the class, the following was written in all capital letters:

On the desk in front of him were some ashwinder eggs in a dish, squill bulbs and Occamy eggshells, amongst other small ingredients for the potion. These were just for show - the ones they would be using later were all separated out into individual trays off to the side, as always.

He knew many of the students had probably heard of this potion before, and also probably had some opinions on it. That was exactly what he was hoping for, at least! It was a rather controversial potion, after all.

"Hello everyone," the potions master gave them a little nod of greeting as he opened the door and positioned himself behind the desk while waiting for the students to arrive.

OOC: hey hey hey! Time for potions! I'm opening this a little early so you guys have plenty of time to post your characters arriving. As always this is NOT your first IC lesson with Javier, so all your characters should be nice and familiar with his rules and teaching style at this point. Don't forget to brush up on the Potions Classroom Rules and SS Site Rules before posting. We'll move on in about 36ish hours! CLASS HAS STARTED! Please pretend your character was here this whole time!


Mini Activity - The Great Felix Felicis Debate!
Question 1 - When it might be acceptable to use Felix Felicis? When would it NOT be ok?
Question 2 - What do you need to be careful of when brewing the potion or taking it?