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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
His Aunt was a Creatures Healer? Wait. His Aunt was a Professor? She stared at him with eyes as wide as tea cup saucers. She was surprised that she hadn’t connected the dots. Lisa always prided herself in knowing almost all the information that she needed to at Hogwarts. And this was something she did not know. Her mind ran through a multitude of possibilities- the two in her mind being the Healer Macini and Professor Paton. “Professor Paton is your Aunt?” Consider her mind BLOWN.

Lisa nodded when he mentioned Aurors. At times, she felt like everyone went through a ‘oh hey Aurors are so cool’ phase. Maybe this was her phase? Then again maybe she’d discover she didn’t like DADA as much as she currently thought? It wasn’t, after all, as if she was going to be married to that career, yeah? “Transfiguration feels like it has more options… like becoming an Animagus sounds fun…

If you could choose animal to be your Animagus form, what would you choose?
Raj hadn’t thought anything of his remark and what it revealed, but it was clear from the younger Ravenclaw’s expressions that he had thrown his companion for a loop. “Yeah…she is,” he admitted with a one-armed shrug. It wasn’t like it was something that had to be kept secret…he wasn’t treated special with lessons...though he supposed he might have more trust and privileges around the barn.

Yeah, it did seem that way. That there were more options in one field over the other. Though given DADA and transfiguration weren’t HIS strengths and where he might see himself, Rajesh could only offer so much thoughts on the matter. “It could have its perks.”

What animangus form would he take?

That was a loaded question that could have many answers depending on the day. What creature did he best relate to or best represented him? “Well I suppose something that flies,” he finally answered. They had an extra level of freedom up in the air and the dragons and hippogriffs he had grown up with certainly enjoyed it. "Maybe an owl or something similar."
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