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Her own attention had been drawn towards the surrounding owls, perhaps her curiosity believing that she could find his owl before he revealed it to her, and briefly fixated on one owl in particular that had quite the boisterous hoot before flying off. She too saw no sign of a poltergeist (truly regrettable) and was still observing the owls as her new acquittance spoke. Which was why she missed the transformation of his limb...and also found 'What The Bloody Hell is Going on' to be a very curious choice of name for an owl. It reminded her of some of the names of the horses at the races grandpa would take them to. The longer the name, the faster the stead...he would sometimes say. Mitsuki had never seen any evidence of such a correlation, however.

"What kind of owl is Wh---" she began, seeking a bit of evidence to find the elusive owl. Her gaze drifted back to the Slytherin brunette at last, finally noticing his silvery metal transformation. Eyes widening, she stared at him while he stumbled around a bit and her hand reached into her pocket. "Curious."

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